Good Servicing Will Keep Your Cars Value

Ensuring you car is regularly serviced will do more than minimize breakdowns and unnecessary repairs, but ultimately when it is time to sell, retain more of its value. 

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Modern Cars More Reliable

Cars generally are far more reliable than times before and when 70,000 miles a year used to be seen as high mileage some cars can do half a millions miles now, if well serviced. This can lure us into a sense of false security as we live our busy lives, the car starts and goes and that is fine.

It may not be surprising how many drivers wait until their car fails its MOT before acting on any repairs even with essential systems just like braking. So ensuring the oil has been replaced every six months, is just as likely to be overlooked.

But when the time comes to sell or trade in, this missing service history will play a big part in whether you can sell your car or get a good trade in price. Dealers almost insist there is suitable service history records, not just to show the new owner, but to also reduce their costs to put the vehicle on their forecourt.

Most serving is relatively cheap and depending whether it is a petrol or diesel car, will need similar replacement parts, like spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, petrol filter and maybe an air pollen filter. Of course an oil change too. A more detailed service would include looking at the brake pad wear, check all bulbs, alternator output and tyre wear. Of course much more could be checked.

But one of the most important times in an engines life is when it is does a timing belt change. A snapped timing belt can do all sorts of damage to a cars engine, even writing it off completely. At a certain age and car dealer will ask for proof the timing belt had been changed at the required mileage, failure to do this may show a huge drop on offered price. The importance of this varies from model to model.

The manufacturer will determine the mileages and timings when checks need to be made and for those with 7 year of more warranties, these may be based on sticking to the correct schedules.

Up to now the emphasis has been on losing money on your vehicle by failing to look after it, but there is of course other more serious issues. A seized engine at high speeds can be lethal as well as expensive, before the obvious is mentioned about unserviced brakes.

A non-maintained vehicle can be a death trap or an expensive breakdown waiting to happen that inevitably will happen at the wrong time.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Being fully aware of when your vehicle needs servicing and proactive can save you money. Shopping around prior to any appointment, taking your time time find better a price can save you money. Taking advantage of any deals out there, even if your it si a bit early. An example is the Groupon deals out there, that require you to buy a voucher, which can be cashed in within a certain time.

Sometimes by combining the MOT test with servicing can save also. But do your homework first, as some garages use the cheap deals like this to get you in to sting you for other repairs.

So the message is to show your vehicle a bit of love and just keep up to date on serving dates, it will save you money on the long term whatever age your vehicle is.

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